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    We always find that our webinars convert better when an introduction is added as it helps the attendee make the connection with the presenter.

    So if you could please record the following script we will add it to our webinar. Please send the recorded file to john@johnthornhill.com and we will take care of everything else.

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    This webinar campaign is set up to run for a full 5 days.

    Your email sequence is below along with recommended times to mail. These emails are tried and tested and if you can commit to the full email sequence you will get amazing results.

    Also, you only have to use one affiliate link for the duration of the whole campaign as we will redirect your links accordingly, so simply queue up your emails and leave the rest to us.



  • Wednesday, AUGUST 28th
  • 5pm PDT
  • 8pm EST
  • 1am (Thurs) GMT

Webinar Starts in

Webinar Replay Swipes: Thursday 29th August - Sunday 1st September

Send on – Thursday 29th August at 11:00 AM EST

Subject – The Replay Is Now Online!


Watch Exactly How To Generate $28,368 or More in The Next 30 Days

Okay listen up [NAME]…

You are in for a suuuuuper special treat over the next 3 days! That’s how long this replay will be available for AND you’re going to receive 6 emails about it starting with this one.

This is called a “Crush Campaign” and you are now immersed in it so PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE MARKETING.

Watch the replay.
Get the product.
Study the marketing. (Don’t just be the marketED)

John Thornhill is the master. He’s the reason thousands of people have generated millions upon millions of dollars online.

He just hosted a private webinar (for our subscribers only) where he revealed how it’s possible FOR YOU to generate $28,368 or more in the next 30 days.

Does that sound crazy to you? Cause it gets even better.

#With no list.
#No Website.
#And no experience.


Now don’t get me wrong, it takes work but $28,368 over the next 30 days is definitely possible, even from a standing start.

And John showed you exactly how to do it on the webinar, this was by far his most groundbreaking presentation ever. That’s why you have to watch this replay right now.

See you on the next page…[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – Remember this replay will only be up for a limited time. My next email will explain more…[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Send on – Friday 30th August at 11:00 PM EST

Subject – UNDENIABLE PROOF – 28k in 30 days


The proof is in the pudding, ESPECIALLY when it comes to remarkable income claims.

You may have heard some dodgy stuff from fake gurus out there but in this case, the “claim” is REAL it’s from one of the most respected names in marketing AND the PROOF is in the replay video!


John Thornhill is the real deal, he’s helped THOUSANDS of people make money online, and he just revealed EXACTLY how it’s possible FOR YOU to make $28k+ in the next 30 days!

You’ve got to watch this video replay right now because he’s only allowed us to share it with you for 3 days …then it comes down.

Maybe you’re a skeptic, maybe you get turned off by numbers like “28k in 30days” … hey I get it. You’ve been conditioned to think it’s not “legally” possible.

WE’ll I’m telling you it is legal and it is possible. As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning because once you’re making that kind of money you’ll have even MORE TIME to dedicate on your online business.

And this is totally within reach for you by the way.. Don’t create any imaginary obstacles.

#With no list.
#No website.
#And no experience.

HOW? Well, you do this by leveraging Johns resources and experience.

This isn’t “theory” you’re not a guinea pig. THE PROOF IS IN THE REPLAY VIDEO.

Watch it, I promise you won’t regret it.

Here’s the link you need to access the replay. Just make sure you watch it before he takes it down on Sunday.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

See you on the replay page…[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – Ohh and remember, the crush campaign is in full effect! I’ll be emailing you a few more times about this BUT then IT’S GONE.

Watch this replay before it goes buh-bye.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]


Send on – Saturday 31st August at 2:00 PM EST

Subject – Everything You Need to Know About John Thornhills Ambassador Program


Ever since John launched his brand new Ambassador Program, We’ve had a bunch of questions. So I’ve decided to answer the common ones here.

Q. Please tell me what this is about Omar?

A. In a nutshell, you get 2 sites of your own. One promotes the webinar and the other recruits affiliates into his Partnership to Success Program.

You get paid up to $1182 for everyone who joins Partnership to Success from your link, and you split the profits with John 50/50 on any sales your sub-affiliates earn.


Q. Wow, that sounds amazing. Do I receive anything else?

A. Yes, YOU GET ALL THE LEADS (build your list) from your very own web page.


Q. What about writing emails?

A. That’s all done for you as you also. You get a 99-day professionally written email autoresponder sequence that pays you 100% commissions on all of John’s products and 50% commissions on some of the best selling products on ClickBank.


Q. Who hosts my websites?

A. John does, you don’t even need a hosting package to make this work.


Q. So what do I need to do to make this work?

A. You need an Aweber account and a ClickBank account. That’s it!


Q. How much work is involved?

A. You need to spend about 30 minutes setting this up (John shows you how step by step) and drive some traffic. He shows you how to drive traffic as well.


Q. This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

A. No catch, He designed this program to help you generate commissions for the least amount of work possible, plus it helps bring more people into the program.


This is the kind of program that you would expect to pay thousands of dollars for but trust me when I say that YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT HOW AFFORDABLE THIS IS!!


Regards,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – By the way, don’t be “THAT GUY”. There’s always at least one person that waits till the last minute then misses out on the deal.

P.P.S. – Come Monday morning there will be nothing I can do to get you in. It’s John’s program not ours.


Send on – Saturday 31st at 11:00 PM EST

Subject – Your Ambassador Offer Expires in Just Over 24 Hours


Your Ambassador Offer Expires in Just Over 24 Hours

Sorry [NAME] but we are about to enter the last day and its time to take action.

Don’t dilly dally.

If you still haven’t watched the replay video where John reveals how YOU CAN make $28k+ in the next 30 days …well to put it bluntly…


Two things will happen when the clock hits zero

The replay page comes down and John will also be closing access to his brand new Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program was created to help anyone who struggles with product creation and offers the following benefits.

Your very own custom built website where you collect the leads.

#The Ability to Generate $1182 Commissions.
#99 Days Worth of Emails Plugged Into Your Aweber Account.
#100% Commissions on all of Johns Sales Funnels.
#The Ability to Generate Commissions From Other Marketers Funnels.
#50/50 Split on Profits From Your Affiliates Sales.
#Free Traffic From his Blog and Social Media Networks Plus Email Signatures.
#All The Training You Need to Make This Work.

There is literally nothing online that comes close to what John is offering you here, and you can be up and running in around 30 minutes and in a position to start generating sales and subscribers.

Go get this now before it’s too late.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Regards,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – You’ll kick yourself tomorrow if you pass this up today. Don’t let something this good slip through your fingers.

Send on – Sunday 1st September at 1:00 PM EST

Subject – Don’t be ‘That Guy’


Two things are about to happen that you will regret tomorrow.

In just a few hours time John will be closing access to his amazing new Ambassador Program.

Two things will happen when the clock hits zero


The Ambassador Program was created to help anyone who struggles with product creation and just needs a shortcut straight to the money.

You can be up and running in around 30 minutes and in a position to start generating sales and subscribers.

There is literally nothing online that even comes close to what John is doing for you here BUT YOU ARE ABOUT TO MISS OUT.

So don’t be ‘that guy’ who ignores this email and begs for the doors to be reopened tomorrow as it won’t happen.

Do yourself a favour and snap this up while you still have time. TRUST ME, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

Regards,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – Have you been paying attention? There’s a bottleneck at the order button right now. It always happens with a crush campaign.

P.P.S. – If you miss out then you’re up the creek without a paddle… I don’t know if or when he’ll re-open, plus you won’t get the fast mover bonuses and it will definitely cost you more.

Get this now. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who regrets it.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Send on – Sunday 1st September at 9:00 PM EST

Subject – Final Call For John’s Ambassador Program


Please accept my apologies if this is already closed by the time you read this.

I’ve been telling you about this for 3 days FOR A REASON. This will be your final call and last chance to access to Johns brand new Ambassador Program.



If you have already watched the replay and just want to join right now just click the link under the video.

I hope you get in on time, this will be your final call.[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – This email concludes the Ambassador Crush Campaign! Starting to see how powerful this stuff is yet?

Get in now while you still can.