Recruit Affiliates For 50% of The Profits

Yes, you read that right, if you can recruit any affiliates into my Ambassador program I will share the profits they generate with you 50/50, this means if you recruit an affiliate who generates $10,000 in profit you will receive $5,000 all paid into your ClickBank account instantly at the point of sale. To get paid simply follow the steps below.


Step 1 - Set up a JV Contract

To promote the JV page and recruit affiliates we need to set you up with a JV referral contract via ClickBank, this will enable you to collect 50% of any of your referrals profits. These payments are made instantly at the point of sale.

All you need to do to set this up is contact us and let us know your ClickBank ID.

Step 2 - Recruit Affiliates Using This Link

Once you have approved your contract and want to start recruiting affiliates you just need your affiliate link that you can grab below, simply replace YOUR-CB-ID with your ClickBank ID.

Remember! You will receive 50% of the profits your affiliates generate so it's in your interest to recruit affiliates. The more you refer the more you stand to earn.

Important! You are not allowed to refer a secondary ClickBank account that you own to gain more commissions as this would be seen as gaming the system. Anyone found doing this will have all contracts terminated.

Finally! While it is fine to use a redirect, please do not cloak or disguise your link as we need to see your ClickBank ID in the address bar to add referred affiliates under you.