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A webinar that teaches my 4-step system for cranking out highly profitable digital assets like clockwork and profiting from the $1 trillion e-learning industry.

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A long-form sales page that reveals why there has never been a better time to start selling digital products, and why so many entrepreneurs try and fail. Very high-converting.

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A free book that reveals how I use other people's content to generate up to $104,170.53 a month on autopilot. Great for paid traffic or warming up a cold audience.

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Webinar Registration #1


Something BIG is coming…
The next BIG thing in Internet Marketing…
The #1 BEST business to profit with in [YEAR]... 




First came affiliate marketing…

Second came local marketing… 

Third came Amazon FBA… 

Fourth came Shopify + dropshipping… 

And now, the next wave in internet marketing… is HERE!

This new business model is much faster and easier to succeed with than ALL of the above strategies.

It’s less time consuming, cheaper to launch, has a much higher success rate, less competition… and it’s MANY times more profitable, too!

This revolutionary strategy is something I’ll be revealing this [DAY] in a special LIVE workshop called “The $1 Trillion Opportunity”... 

Where you’ll see:

✅ How to tap into a booming $1 TRILLION industry (that most marketers are ignoring) to launch a 6 figure business from the comfort of your own home…

✅ Why THIS business is the fastest, easiest, surest way to make money on the internet in [YEAR]… 

✅ How total beginners (who’ve never made a penny online before) are now making up to $308,000 a month with this… 

✅ The exact step-by-step strategy a retired Air Force veteran used to generate $23K in his first 60 days with THIS business… and $50K in his first 6 months…

✅ Why you DON’T need an email list, a big budget, or any experience with internet marketing to make 5 or 6 figures a month with this system… 

✅ How to automate every last aspect of your business so you have a truly hands-free operation…

✅ Plus much, much more!

This system is so incredibly simple that a complete newbie can begin making serious profits online… 

In a 100% virtual, hands-free manner… in a very short span of time… and you’ll see examples of that on the workshop!

Do NOT miss this workshop:


See you then,


P.S. It’s NOT about cryptocurrency…

NOT about Facebook groups…

It’s NOT even about funnels…

So what is this all about? You’ve got to be there [DAY] to find out!

Go here to register for [DAY]’s live call:


Webinar Registration #2


The $370 billion industry most people are IGNORING…   
eLearning to hit 1 TRILLION by 2026 (what this means for YOU!)
Udemy enrollments surge 425% (and why you should care!)



Udemy recently announced it has raised $50 million in expansion funding to meet a 425% increase in new enrollments.

The recent surge was due to the effects of the pandemic, which has put e-learning on the path to $1 TRILLION by 2026.

Why This Creates A HUGE Opportunity For You

The global lockdowns meant that millions of people had to change their habits overnight, and are now living more and more of their lives online.

And this has created HUGE demand for digital teaching products…

Things like ebooks, online video courses, audio programs, membership websites, and a whole lot more.

Human behaviour rarely changes, but when a transformation like this happens, it creates one of the greatest opportunities to ever exist!

How To Grab YOUR Slice Of This $370 Billion Pie

As more and more people invest in e-learning, the industry grows by the billions. Which makes this the PERFECT business to get involved in now.

You don’t need any special equipment other than your computer, but the rewards are MASSIVE!

Best of all:

✅ It’s HUGELY scalable
✅ There are very little overheads
✅ You have incredibly high profit margins
✅ It doesn’t take months to see results
✅ You do the work once and reap the rewards forever
✅ This gives you a true freedom lifestyle

With sites like Udemy surging 425%, Thinkific raising $22 million to meet online education demand, and Coursera gaining 10 million new users since March…

It’s clear to see that online education is booming right now!

This trend is NOT going to change anytime soon and will only increase in the months and years ahead.

Position yourself for the e-learning boom here:




P.S. People all over the world are now turning to online education to learn new things about EVERY topic imaginable… 

And the amount of money they spend doing so is growing by the billions every day… 

If this year taught us anything, it’s that online education is here to STAY!

And when you register and join me LIVE this [DAY], my good friend (and internet marketing veteran) John Thornhill is going to show you how to tap into that revenue stream by creating a simple product that teaches people what they want to know.

Register now to see how:


Webinar Registration #3


[TOMORROW] New $370BN lifestyle business REVEALED…
[TOMORROW] Grab your slice of the $370BN e-learning 🥧
How he created 10+ 6-figure products
A proven formula to create digital products…
How does a 6-figure product sound?



There is one thing I value more than most things…


More specifically, financial freedom.

I became an entrepreneur and started my own online business because I wanted the freedom to CONTROL my own future and my own destiny.

I didn’t want to make someone else rich. I wanted to work hard and pave my own way in this life.

Fast forward to today?

I now run the most scalable business I can, and I do it all from my laptop.

And my good friend (and marketing veteran) John Thornhill is the same.

In fact, his business generates 7 figures every single year (and has done for the past 10+ years running)...

And he spend most of his time at work, NOT in the office!

Nowadays, he lets his digital products do the teaching FOR him, so he can have more of his time freed up to live his life.

And many of my students from around the world are following in his footsteps, and using digital products to build the lives of their dreams… 

And he wants to invite YOU to do this, too!

At [TIME] tomorrow, he's going to show you HOW he does it… 

He'll show you how he's able to spend lots of time travelling every year and doing the things he loves, while still creating over 10 six-figure digital products.

That’s 10 products that have done well over $100,000 each (and many of them have done MUCH more)... 

So if you want the freedom to do what you want, when you want…

If you want to pave YOUR own way in life…

If you want a six figure business you can run from the comfort of your home…

Go here to get registered for the workshop now:


See you later,


P.S. I’m really excited about the large number of people who registered for this special workshop.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure your seat.

I truly believe this could make your 2022 the most profitable year ever, while giving you the greatest lifestyle you can imagine.

So if you haven’t already…

Go here to get registered right now:


And I’ll see you there at [TIME] tomorrow!

Webinar Registration #4


[TODAY] New $1 Trillion Industry Revealed…
REVEALED: New $1 Trillion Industry ([TIME] today)
WOAH… a packed house at [TIME] today!
Going live in [X] hours (don’t miss it!)
RE: [TIME] today



It’s happening today!

At [TIME] my friend John Thornhill is gong LIVE with the special workshop I told you about… 

It’s called, “The Hottest New $1 Trillion Opportunity Most Marketers Are Completely Ignoring In 2022.”

If you haven’t registered yet, you don’t want to miss this… 

Go here to register right now:


We’ll be sharing… 

✅ How to tap into a booming $1 TRILLION industry (that most marketers are ignoring) to launch a 6-figure business from the comfort of your own home…

✅ Why this new lifestyle business is more profitable and less work than affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and Facebook groups… 

✅ How total beginners (who’ve never made a penny online before) are now making up to $308,000 a month with this… 

✅ The exact 4-step strategy John's private client Shelley used to generate $13K in 3 months, and $113K in a year… 

✅ Why the sheer amount of people and money flowing through this industry makes competition practically irrelevant… 

✅ Plus much, much more!

Grab your spot right here:


I hope to see you there - this is going to be HUGE!

See you then,


P.S. This is a breakthrough business model that’s changing the game for online entrepreneurs right now.

You’d be crazy to miss this… 

So don’t… 

Register now before you miss out:


Webinar Live Now


[LIVE NOW] The Trillion Dollar Opportunity
Don’t miss this training (10 minutes!)
Everybody’s waiting for you…
[Starting NOW!] How To Create A 6 Figure Digital Product
You coming? 



The workshop is starting where John will be revealing how to tap into the $1 TRILLION dollar e-learning industry to create a 6 figure business from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’ve ever wanted to have a system that generates revenue around the clock and gives you the freedom you’re looking for, you need to be on this LIVE training.

Turn off your phone and come ready to take notes. What you learn can change your life before the end of 2021.

Join Us For The Live Training Now:


See you shortly,


Webinar Replay #1


Workshop replay up (but not for long!)
TIME SENSITIVE: Your on-demand workshop replay…
[48 Hour Pass] Your on-demand workshop replay… 
[FIRST NAME]’s 48-Hour Pass
[REPLAY] The $1 Trillion Opportunity
[The $1 Trillion Opportunity] Workshop replay available… 
No marketer should miss this… 



The response to last night’s workshop was AMAZING!

If you missed it, John Thornhill revealed the hottest new $1 trillion industry that most marketers are ignoring in 2022. And people went absolutely wild.

The workshop was packed with life-changing content. And the positive feedback and comments I’m getting from people is incredible.

The good news?

The replay of the workshop is now available for a limited time.

Access the replay here:


Here’s what you’re going to see and discover:

✅ How to tap into a booming $1 TRILLION industry (that most marketers are ignoring) to launch a 6 figure business from the comfort of your own home…

✅ Why THIS business is the fastest, easiest, and most surefire way to make money on the internet in 2022… 

✅ How total beginners (who’ve never made a penny online before) are now making up to $308,000 a month with this… 

✅ The exact 4-step strategy a retired Air Force veteran used to generate $23K in his first 60 days with THIS business… and $50K in his first 6 months…

✅ Why you DON’T need an email list, a big budget, or any experience with internet marketing to make 5 or 6 figures a month with this system… 

✅ How to automate every last aspect of your business so you have a truly hands-free operation…

✅ Plus much, much more!

John was debating whether to even post the replay… 

I managed to persuade him to do it, but only until midnight on [DAY]... 

Which means you need to block out the time to watch the workshop TODAY.

Now is the time to take a break from whatever you’re doing…

I don’t care if you’re at home, or at work…

Heck, if you’re travelling in your car, pull over at the side of the road and click play…

Because this replay will be going away very soon… 

And I want to make sure you get a chance to see it, because this is the ONLY time we're ever going to do this workshop live.

Watch the replay here now:


John is going to walk you through every step on the way to create financial freedom.

I truly believe this could make your 2022 the most profitable year ever.

All the best,


Webinar Replay #2


[FIRST NAME]’s 24-hour notice
[URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this… 
TIME SENSITIVE (filling up fast!)
LIMITED: Doors closing tomorrow!
Did you miss this?



If you haven’t seen my email yesterday, I sent an instant replay of the e-learning workshop.

I recommend you watch it right away.

This is the hottest new lifestyle business in 2022.

And I have some GREAT news for you…

In the workshop on [DAY], John made a special offer at the end for coaching.

And he announced a special $4,580 bonus package to everyone who enrolled live on the webinar.

These bonuses were so invaluable that it created a frenzy of people enrolling in the program.

Now, many people are upset about missing out on it…

Many people emailed us saying they were driving at the time and couldn’t enroll, or other valid reasons…

And so, to be fair to all, John has decided to extend this bonus package to everyone enrolling today.

The great news is that by enrolling in Partnership To Success today, you are also going to get… 

A full 6 months of 1-on-1 coaching and support from John and his team...

Including your YOUR OWN dedicated Partnership To Success Coach!

In addition to regular 1-on-1 "milestone" calls, you’ll have unlimited access to your coach via email...

And, for the first time EVER, you'll even have your coach's phone number for the times when you really need to reach them!

And there are NO limits to this…

You can ask whatever questions you have, as many questions as you have, and have EVERYTHING you’re doing reviewed… every step of the way.

You’re going to be mentored to success.

This is PRICELESS and it’s yours free today.

Go here to claim your spot now:


Don’t miss it!


P.S. If you haven’t watched the replay yet, watch it here before it goes offline.

Webinar Replay #3


[Q&A] Partnership To Success ❓
Quick FAQ → Partnership To Success
Partnership To Success: Got Questions? 
The funeral is today
Bad news



By the end of today, the e-learning workshop I did with my good friend (and marketing veteran) John Thornhill will be G-O-N-E…

And when we take that down, gone too goes the special offer he's been running for his Partnership To Success program this week.

Depending on when you are reading this, the replay and special offer could be taken down any minute… 

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, I’m here to answer the most common questions John has been getting about Partnership To Success, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Here goes… 

Q. Do I need any marketing experience to do this?


The way John has set this up for you is so incredibly simple that a complete newbie (who has never made a penny online before) can create a simple digital product and begin making serious profits in 60 days or less. 

He currently has private clients doing this all over the world, and you can do it too, as long as you follow a PROVEN formula. With the right system and support, you can speed up the learning curve and fast-track your path to freedom.

Q. What is the investment to get started?

The training, tools, and coaching you’ll have access to are valued at more than $8,000!

But you won’t pay that when you take advantage of the limited-time offer John is running until midnight tonight... at just $995 for SIX MONTHS of 1-on-1 coaching, training and mentorship (or 6 easy payments of $197).

Q. How long does it take to start making money?

While the real results come after you complete the 8-week training program and launch your first product, you will actually be in a position to start generating revenue from as early as day 7. 

Plus, on day 8 of the course, John will be revealing a simple strategy that you can use to generate a quick $1,000 in revenue.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

Yes. John wants you to feel secure that if you go through the training, keep up with the lessons, and do the exercises with him, you’re going to get your digital product DONE. 

So, he's saying “screw it” to the industry standard 30-day guarantee… and giving you a full SIX MONTHS to dive into the program, take action, and finally hit PLAY on your digital product machine!

After following the steps in the program and implementing the advice from your Coach, you WILL successfully launch and sell your first digital product within 180 days from the date that you join... OR you will get a full refund.

That’s why you can feel 100% confident about doing business with John and investing in this program.

Q. Can I do this from outside the US?

Absolutely. John has private clients in over 20 countries who have been through this program and created 6-7 figure businesses. As long as you have access to the internet where you live, you can do this.

Q. Is there a discount for joining today?

Yes, we are currently running a limited-time offer. When you join Partnership To Success before the deadline expires at 11:59 PM Eastern TONIGHT, you’ll save 50% off the usual retail price.

Q. Is this still going to work a year from now?

Yes, online education is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunity.

In fact, according to market research firm Global Market Insights, e-learning was a $226 billion a year industry in 2020. By 2027, it will grow to be a staggering $1 TRILLION a year juggernaut.

So, if you’re interested in jumping in, now is the BEST possible time to get started and position yourself to profit in the coming years.

Q. How do I get started?

Go here to enroll in Partnership To Success.

After you enroll, simply wait for an email with your unique login details and information on how to access the course, community, and coaching.

Remember, the workshop replay and special offer comes down TONIGHT at 11:59pm (EST).

So take fast action and join here now before it’s too late:




Webinar Replay #4


[Closing TONIGHT]
Here’s all the info you need…
[FIRST NAME]’s 24-hour warning



Just a quick heads up…

The doors close at 11:59PM Eastern tonight on your chance to join John Thornhill's Partnership To Success program.

That’s less than 24 hours from now…

Here’s what you need to know:

✅ A few days ago, hundreds of you joined John for a live workshop where he demonstrated how regular people are using his system to launch 6 figure businesses from the comfort of their own home. Despite the fact that most have never made a penny online before.

✅ The replay is still online and you can watch it here. The replay gets taken down tonight at midnight, the same time enrollment closes. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it now.

✅ From now until midnight tonight, everyone who attended this week’s workshop will have the opportunity to join with the special discount AND the $4,580 in bonuses John included with this deal.

✅ You have until 11:59PM Eastern Time tonight. That’s less than 24 hours from now. You can see all the details, pricing, and bonuses by clicking here.

✅ Want proof this program works? Not sure if enough people like you are getting results? Check out a case study from someone who had ZERO marketing knowledge or experience and used my program to go from living off his savings… to generating $50K in just 60 days. View his story along with several other students crushing it here (most were beginners).

✅ In less than 12 hours, the workshop replay and the huge discount will disappear for good. This offer will NOT reopen at this price no matter how many times you email John and ask. There will be ZERO exceptions so please take this email as a formal warning.

✅ Still have questions about joining? Have a wife, husband, or business partner involved in making the decision as well? At the end of this week’s workshop, John did a live Q&A where he answered all the most common questions about this program. You can access the replay here (goes offline tonight).

So that's it… 

It's time to make a decision. Save a boatload of money now and get a HUGE discount, or pay way more in the future… 

And you might not even be able to get it in the future. 

The last time John closed the doors to one of my programs for over a year, and another never even reopened… 

This program has created HUNDREDS of 6 figure earners, over 500 testimonials, and REAL results from REAL people… 

And YOU can be next!

At this point, you’ve had a while to check this out.

So what’s holding you back?

I’ve shown you everything you get when you join… 

I’ve answered the most common questions…

Now it’s all down to you…

And what you do in these last few hours.

I will give you one more chance… 

Go here to join Partnership To Success before it closes TONIGHT:


See you soon,


P.S. The exact time of close is TONIGHT at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  

When you click the link below you will be able to see the countdown timer which is counting down to 00:00:00.  

The second that clock strikes 00:00:00 this offer along with ALL of the free training provided over this past week will go offline and no access will be given again.

You must make your decision before 11:59 PM TONIGHT.  

Here's the link to join:


Webinar Replay #5


FINAL day to partner with John Thornhill
[CLOSING] Don’t get shut out!
EXPIRING in 12 hours…
Transformation (read this)
LIMITED: Doors closing today!



I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that as I write this, your chance to join Partnership To Success is EXPIRING in less than 12 hours.

And I want to be totally transparent with you:

Right now, this truly IS your last chance to join Partnership To Success.

After we close the doors in just a few hours, John does NOT plan on opening again for months… 

I’d hate for you to let this opportunity slip through your fingers…

Go here to join Partnership To Success now:


Why does he close enrollment like this?

Because when you join Partnership To Success, John's entire team switches gears…

Focusing on SERVING you and your fellow students inside the Partnership To Success community…

And doing EVERYTHING they can to transform you into the next great Partnership To Success success story.

The question of course is…

Do YOU want to become John's next great Partnership To Success success story?

He’d love nothing more than to help YOU make this year…

Your best year ever.

If you’re ready to make it happen…

NOW is the time to take that first step.

Go here to enroll in Partnership To Success:


John's team is standing by on live chat right now if you have any questions!

The clock is ticking…

I look forward to seeing YOU on the inside!


P.S. Don’t forget, there is also a 6-payment option for Partnership To Success, so you can enroll today for just $197!

P.P.S. And remember, you also get access to THREE additional bonuses when you sign up right now:

✅ An introduction to my list of 6,000+ JV partners so you can recruit affiliates for your launch (a $2,995 value, yours FREE!)

✅ Access to my entire Digital Product Vault to help you create a winning product of your own (a $1,021 value, yours FREE!)

✅ A 12-month JV Notify Pro VIP account so you can announce your launch to the wider IM community (a $564 value, yours FREE!)

Here’s the link to join Partnership To Success one more time:


Webinar Replay #6


Bye ;-(
Doors closing...
He's closing the doors… 
LAST CHANCE (open up)



Before I say goodbye to you, I just wanted to give you a heads up:

This is your 3-hour warning!

Because Partnership To Success enrollment is CLOSING in just a few short hours…

(Yep, it’s true.)

So if you’ve been reading these emails and thinking about joining… 

The sand in that hourglass is almost GONE.

Go here to enroll now in Partnership To Success:


And if you miss out on this…

Not only are you missing out on the chance to completely transform your business (and life) this year… 

By getting access to the full 8-week program…

But you’re also missing out on over $4,500+ in BONUSES.

Just as a recap… 

Here’s what you get with access to Partnership To Success… 

✅ 10 Core Training Modules
✅ 165 Step-By-Step Video Lessons
✅ 60 Days Of Daily Assignments
✅ Templates + Examples + Case Studies

(If you’re the type of person who learns best by seeing how something is done, then you’re going to LOVE these bite-sized tutorials that make it easy for you to implement the steps at your own pace…)

✅ LIVE Monthly "What's Working Now" Trainings ($3,564 Value)

(As a P2S member, you’ll get to drop in on monthly internal “What’s Working Now” meetings where members of John's team (and occasional special guest experts) will share what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working right now. In the past, these virtual meet-ups were for employees only, but John has decided to let P2S students attend these sessions as well. )

✅ 6 Months Of 1-On-1 Coaching From John ($5,940 Value)

(If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone in your business and that it’s all up to YOU to make things happen, worry no more. You’ll have direct access to John and the entire P2S coaching team for the next six months, so you can get direct feedback and know for a fact you’re on the right track BEFORE you invest your money and time.)

✅ Private Mastermind Community Access ($995 Value)

(In this community, you’ll make new friends, and learn from other people’s mistakes and successes so you can fast-track your own path to even higher levels of success. With over 1,100 like-minded entrepreneurs, this is the BEST way to jumpstart your journey with Partnership To Success.)

✅ 3-Day JV Promotion To John's Email List ($4,995 Value)

(No list? No problem! John will promote your product to his 100,000+ subscribers to give your launch the kickstart it needs and get the sales flooding in.)

PLUS the following FREE bonuses… 

✅ BONUS #1: Introduction To My 6,000+ Affiliates ($2,995 Value)
✅ BONUS #2: Access To My Entire Digital Product Vault ($1,021 Value)
✅ BONUS #3: 12-Month JV Notify Pro VIP Account ($564 Value)

Now, the enrollment window is about to CLOSE… 

TONIGHT at 11:59 PM Eastern is your deadline to enroll… 

And because time is EXTREMELY tight…

If you want to take advantage of this very limited opportunity… 

Go here to join Partnership To Success now:


See you inside!


P.S. If you’re on the fence, I just want to remind you that you can get started for just $197 with the convenient 6-pay option.

And with an iron-clad 180-day guarantee, your investment is risk-free.

P.P.S. Every time I close the doors to an offer, I get a bunch of angry emails from people who missed the deadline.

They always ask for exceptions.

It’s not fair to the people who got off the fence in time, so the moment the clock strikes midnight TONIGHT this offer is off the table.

There will be ZERO exceptions. You won’t be able to join.

Webinar Replay #7


Final call (open up)
FINAL HOUR to get this… 
⚠️ FINAL chance for discount access!
Do this in the next 59 minutes… 



I’ll get right down to business.

We’re coming down to the wire here…

And time is REALLY tight to join Partnership To Success before the doors shut for good.

In fact, you have 59 minutes left to grab your spot…

Because the doors will absolutely be closed at MIDNIGHT tonight.

Go here to enroll in P2S before the time runs out:


At this point, you’ve had a while to check this out…

If you have already… then you know what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t… then what’s holding you back?

I’ve shown you everything you get when you join (to see those details again, click here)...

I’ve answered the most common questions…

And shared with you REAL people who are seeing HUGE success with Partnership To Success.

Not only is John going to take you by the hand and walk you through everything…

He'll also REFUND every penny if you don't successfully launch and sell your digital product…

Which means there’s practically ZERO risk to join.

So if you’re at all interested…

Or curious…

Or even just a little bit skeptical… 

Now’s the time to jump on this.

Go here for your last chance to join now:


Just one hour left now,


P.S. Don’t forget, there’s also a 6-pay option for the program, so you can enroll today for just $197!

Simply scroll down and choose your enrollment option on this page:


Product Creation Angle


[Must Attend Webinar] How to Build Automated Sales Funnels


If you want to master one thing that will lead to your success online, it’s PRODUCT CREATION.

And let me tell you, there’s no one better to learn product creation from than John Thornhill.

John launched his first product back in 2004, and since then he has launched hundreds of his own products that have generated millions in sales.

And every single thing he has learned since then is covered in his latest training webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to create and launch your very own successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated business that every successful marketer is doing, and if you’re not doing it you really are missing out.

Find out more here:



Explainer Angle


The Rumours Are True And The Hype Is Real


Yes! The rumours are true and the hype is real.

A few days ago, product creation expert John Thornhill announced he was running a webinar to teach all he knows about creating a successful product and sales funnel.

And it seems quite a few of you can’t believe what he is doing.

So it’s time for him to say YES to those questions you have…

 Yes, you will be taught everything you need to know about creating your very own successful product and sales funnel. Remember that John has almost 15 years experience in this area.

 Yes, you will receive bonus worksheets, checklists, presentation slides and more... meaning once the event is over you will have a step-by-step plan of action.

 Yes, you can take part in a live Q&A session at the end of the training to make sure you get all your questions answered.

 Yes, you will receive a full high-quality recording of the workshop to view at your leisure.

 Yes, you will receive all of the support you need after the event.

 Yes, this will cost you absolutely nothing.

As I said, John actually has almost 15 years of product creation experience and has made millions of dollars in the process. So without him bragging too much, I think that qualifies him to show you how it’s all done.

In short, he wants you to succeed from creating and selling your own digital products, just as he does.

So the question is… do you want to be part of it? 

If so, then you simply have to get on this webinar. 

Get all the details here:



Affiliate Marketing Sucks Angle


Why Every New Affiliate Is Doomed To Fail


Many people get told that affiliate marketing is the best way to get started online, and it does sound very attractive.

We get told we don’t have to deal with angry customers, we don’t have to create a product, in fact, all we have to do is send some traffic, then bank the cash.

Sounds great, right?


You see, when you promote something as an affiliate, you only get to keep a limited portion of the profits, usually 50%.

Plus you don’t build a list, and you can only make money from your own efforts.

That’s why most would be affiliates give up before they earn their first cent.

This is why the most successful online marketers, sell their own products, and then promote products from the lists they build from selling their own products.

When you sell your own products, you get to keep 100% of the profits from the sales you make, and you aren’t the only one driving the traffic, you can have an army of affiliates promote for you.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that selling your own products is more profitable.

“But I wouldn’t know where to start.”

That’s where John Thornhill comes in.

Allow me to explain.

If you want to master one thing that will lead to your success online, it’s PRODUCT CREATION.

John launched his first product back in 2004, and since then he has launched hundreds of his own products that have generated millions in sales.

And every single thing he has learned since then is covered in a brand new webinar he’s running.

On this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to create and launch your very own successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated business that every successful marketer is doing, and if you’re not doing it you really are missing out.

Find out more here:


Not For Everyone Angle


This Isn't For Everyone



Over the last couple of days, I’ve been talking about this ground-breaking webinar that you are invited to attend.

Yes, you are invited to join John as he reveals what’s working for him and his students right now to the tune of over 23 MILLION DOLLARS.

However, I must warn you though that this webinar is not for the faint-hearted. Slackers, tyre kickers and general shiny object seekers should not attend as the truth will hurt.

During this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to create and launch your very own successful product online.

This is the ultimate 24/7 automated business that every successful marketer is doing, and if you’re not doing it you really are missing out.

This "tell it like it is" training has been receiving rave reviews, and you have the chance to access it for free. (Usual cost $297.)

Just go here to get started and get ready to receive some of the best training ever:


I promise.


Warning Angle


[Warning] Do Not Read If Easily Offended



This email may offend, so if you are of a sensitive nature please STOP reading.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Out of the many people on my mailing list quite a few get in touch with me, especially as I don’t hide behind a ‘no reply’ email address.

Some of these people just want a bit of simple advice... 

Some ask for more, and expect me to offer hours of my time for free... 

Some like to send me abuse because I dared to hit their inbox with an email... 

And some are desperate and tell me, "I'm desperate and will do anything if you just show me how?" 

The thing is, while 100% of my subscribers want to be successful, I would estimate less than 5% are prepared to do what it takes.

If you agree with any of these statements, then I GUARANTEE you will struggle online:

 “I want to become a success online, but I don’t want to invest any money to become a better entrepreneur.”

 “I want to become a success online, but I don’t have any time to learn something.”

 “I want to become a success online, but I don’t have anything of value to teach people, and I’m not willing to learn something of value to teach.”

 “I want to become a success online and I will do whatever it takes, unless it involves actual work.”

 “I want to become a success online, but everything out there is a scam.”

If you REALLY want to make 6, 7 or 8 figures as a successful online marketer, then you have to REALLY give all you can give.

 You need to be prepared to work harder than most people.

 You need to help others as much as possible.

 You need to invest in the right tools and training.

 You need to step up and become the person you need to be to make this happen.

 You need to treat this like a business, not a hobby.

 You need to stop blaming others for your lack of success.

If you want to bitch, whine and complain about how you have no money, no time and no value to give... then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get out of this game because it’s not for you!

You are not an entrepreneur until you can take responsibility for your actions. You need to step up, man up and grow up. You need to look in the mirror and realise that the one big thing stopping you is YOU. You need to get out of your own way.

If this email offends you, or you want to send me an angry response, or you want to click the unsubscribe button because I said something that hurt, then you are not an entrepreneur...

... you are an excuse-maker blaming everyone and everything but yourself for your lack of action, rather than taking full responsibility for your current circumstances and results.

You can change everything, but you need to want it, and most importantly you need to be prepared to step up and take action.

If I’ve motivated you with this email then good, as that was my intention. I know it will offend some and this email will cost me a ton of unsubscribes, but that’s okay as I probably can’t help people who can’t help themselves.

However, if you are prepared to help yourself...

If you want to learn better ways to help more people and get better results, faster...

And if you’re prepared to invest time and money to do it... 

Then get on this webinar and and let John Thornhill show you how to truly succeed online, step by step:


You won’t regret it.


Make Or Break Angle


This Is Make Or Break Training



Did you check out the training I told you about from my good friend John Thornhill?

He calls it his ‘Make Or Break’ training. 


Because it really could make you realize where you have been going wrong and finally start to turn things around.

This training has received some awesome reviews, quite simply because IT WORKS and has been PROVEN many, many times... 

... and right now you can access it for free (he has charged $297 for this in the past!)

During this webinar, you will discover John’s PROVEN product creation blueprint that you can use to build a 6-7 figure online income starting today.

Yes, obviously this involves a little work on your behalf, so if you’re not interested in building a SUCCESSFUL online business from the ground up then this may not be for you.

However, if you are prepared to do a little work and want a PROVEN blueprint to online success, then this training IS 100% for you:


It’s your choice!


Shiny Object Seeker Angle


Are You a Shiny Object Seeker?



Does this pattern ring a bell?

1. You see a product promising untold wealth and easy riches and all it takes is 20 minutes a day.

2. You buy the product, only to find it’s old rehashed material that doesn’t even work.

3. The next day you see a product promising untold wealth and easy riches and the cycle starts all over again.

I know because I’ve been there.

You can call it whatever you want... Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)... information overload... or any other fancy name. 

But the truth is most wannabe Internet marketers suffer from it.

This is just one of the problems John addresses on his webinar.

He actually covers a number of crucial mistakes you will be making that are holding you back.

As well as covering how to make a ton of cash from selling your own products.

Can you really afford NOT to hear what John has to say?



P.S. This is real-world "tell it like it is" training that you will benefit from. Don’t let it pass you by.

The Up Front Angle


I Know What You’re Thinking



I know I’ve been banging on about John’s training for the last few days, and I know what you’re thinking... 

... you’re thinking this is just another one of those training sessions with zero content that turns into a pitch fest, right?


Now I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you there’s nothing for sale, because I know you’re smarter than that. John does have an offer to make to you.

However, this is only AFTER he has delivered his awesome content. He actually tells you when the training is done and if you want to stick around afterwards that’s your call.

How's THAT for being up front?

I know I keep repeating myself but this is groundbreaking stuff not to be missed. I can’t recommend it highly enough and I promise you won’t regret it.

Here’s the link you need:



P.S. If you do take part in this webinar please let me know what you think, okay?

Successful Marketers Angle


Every Successful Marketer Has THIS... 



Do you know the one thing every single successful marketer has in common?

Their own products.

Look, it doesn’t matter what others tell you. The truth is, if you want to be successful online, you MUST be creating your own products.

Don’t believe me? Go and find me just one successful marketer online who doesn’t have their own products.

I promise you won’t.

And I know you’re thinking “what about affiliate marketing?” And you would be right to an extent. It is possible to make an income from affiliate marketing, but I guarantee every successful affiliate marketer is still creating their own products.

Plus when you’re an affiliate marketer all of the traffic efforts come from you. Surely it makes more sense to be the product creator so you can RECRUIT affiliates.

It’s wonderfully simple, but so many people don’t do it, and do you want to know why that is? It’s because they think it’s hard, when it’s not.

Granted, it’s going to take work, and most people are too lazy to do the work. They want everything done for them, and this is what some marketers prey on, the easy button everyone is looking for.

In fact, most wannabe marketers are spending waaaay to much money on "push button" programs that never work.

They are caught in an endless cycle of buying product after product thinking the next one will be the one, but it never is.

Want to know who taught me this?

John Thornhill, and he can teach you this, and a lot more to boot.

Internet Marketing needn’t be hard, if you have access to the right material.

Just get on his training, follow his blueprint and I promise you won’t look back, and you can quote me on that.



Final Call Angle


Final Call For Groundbreaking Training



This is the final time I will tell you about this.


I know I’ve sent you a lot of emails about this, but it’s with good reason.

This is some of the best training I have ever seen online, and it’s free.

I really hope you take the time out to take part as it may be the most important thing you ever do online.

Here’s the link for the last time:



P.S. I wouldn’t send you a bunch of emails about this if I didn’t believe in John’s training, so I hope you make the right decision.



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