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Please note! This page is only for JV's who have scheduled a webinar with John on the back of their launch.

The whole point of this page is to show you how to gain maximum attendees to maximise sales.

It is extremely important that you follow all of the instructions on this page, if you fail to do this attendance levels will be low.

So if you want amazing results then simply follow the steps below...

Get The Most Success By Promoting The Webinar

By gaining the most registrations to a live webinar it is crucial your customers know that there is an upcoming event that they must attend.

Most marketers think that just by adding a graphic to their members' area or thank you pages is enough and will result in a ton of attendees. This rarely happens as the customer simply isn’t aware of the upcoming event and usually less than 10% attend.

To maximise results you must follow up with your customers. You should tell them that this is an event your most successful members are implementing and it’s training that’s not to be missed. (See examples below)

If you can implement as many of these steps we will have more people attend and this will result in more sales.

1. In your welcome email that you send to your customers include a reminder of the date and time of the event. If you send out a separate email with login details include details in that email too.

2. Include a pop up on your thank you page that has all of the info of the upcoming webinar.

This should pop up about 10 seconds after the customer first hits your thank you page. It doesn’t have to link anywhere, it just needs to remind people an event is happening.

If you use WordPress I recommend using Optimize Press 3.0.

Below is a great video that shows how to use it here.

Once the webinar is over this pop up can be used to push the replay.

If you can’t or don’t want to use a pop up simply add the graphic to your thank you page.

3. Add a reminder on your thank you page. We like to add it as a step that needs to be followed. (See below)

All we are trying to do is make the customer aware that there is an upcoming event that they don’t want to miss.

Once the event is over I’ll be mailing the registrants hard and we usually get about 40% of our total sales from the replay alone.

Below you will see some examples. Please note that these examples were taken from Product Launch Control so we are mentioning product launches in the copy. When you write your copy you should include any relevant copy that reflects what your product is about.

For example, if your product covered traffic generation you could say something like.

Example Email

Dear [NAME],

You have successfully registered as one of our members.

Please keep this information safe as it contains your username and password.

Your Membership Info: 

U: username
P: password
Login URL: (loginurl)

We would also like to invite you to a bonus event that is exclusive for all new members. We’ll be discussing traffic tactics and other advanced methods, plus something only our smartest members have been jumping on. 

Here's the details...

Tuesday, December 23rd @ 5pm EST (Tuesday 10:00pm GMT)

Register Here:

We look forward to seeing you there live, as we can’t guarantee a replay will be available. This really is a one off event you just don’t want to miss! We look forward to seeing you there…

To your success!


P.S. If you need any support please use the support tab located in the members area.

Here's an example POP UP. Note how it
includes the date and time of the event

Here’s an Example Welcome Message

Welcome to the Product Launch Control members area!

As a new member we want to invite you to our super informative orientation webinar on Tuesday,

December 23rd @ 5pm EST (Tuesday 10:00pm GMT)

Secure Your Seat Here

We'll be discussing product launches and internet marketing and something only our smartest members have

been jumping on. We look forward to seeing you there live, as we can't guarantee a replay will be available.

This really is a one off free webinar you just don't want to miss! Also please take a look at the steps below to get the most from your membership. Should you require any

support please click HERE

Here’s an Example Reminder on a Thank You Page
(This 'Step' Method Works Extremely Well)

Once you have everything in place it is extremely important to keep letting your new members know about the upcoming webinar. This could be via email, social media and announcements inside your members area. The more people you get to attend, the more sales we both stand to make.

If you have any questions let me know.