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From John Thornhill

Product Overview:

John Thornhill's Ambassador Program is sold via a webinar teaches something I have been doing successfully since 2004 and teaching since 2005, product creation.

However, this webinar has a unique twist as it provides a solution where the attendees can license my products to create the ultimate sales funnel in under 30 minutes that helps build their list while generating an affiliate income at the same time.

Why Promote My Webinar?

My Webinar Covers A Hot ‘Never Seen Before’ Business Model.
I haven't seen anyone teaching what I teach while providing the ultimate shortcut in the product creation niche, and because of this, the content is fresh and is getting extremely well received.

Get Paid up to $2,746.25 in Commissions Via ClickBank.
Because I use ClickBank I don't hold any of your commissions and you will be paid instantly on any sales made directly into your ClickBank account.

Over 15 Years of Experience in This Area.
This is not some quick training program I have created, this is a step by step system that gets real results.

Insanely Low Refund Rate.
My customers love this product and so far the refund rate is under 2% from over 1000 sales. ClickBank have also approved me for zero refunds. This means you will keep over 98% of the sales you make. In fact you will probably keep 100% of the sales you make.

Protected Commissions.
All leads are hard coded with your affiliate ID that drops your affiliate cookie in any follow up emails so there is no chance of lost commissions. We also use ClickBank's Lifetime Commission feature, this basically means a customer is tagged for life and you get paid on any upgrades the customer makes.

Amazing Conversions.
We have an amazing presentation and follow up sequence that converts like crazy and you can expect to generate on average $57 per attendee.

Make Additional Sales For The Next 99 Days.
This is huge. I have also added a 99 day follow up sequence to the evergreen webinar and live webinar that get sent out daily after the webinar and webinar replay has taken place. These daily emails promote some of the top offers on ClickBank and every single email contains your hard coded affiliate link, so not only will you make commissions from my webinar, but you will also make sales from other top offers too, so you can also expect to get paid for multiple sales of other products for 99 days after the webinar has ended.

Promote With Confidence.
I am a ClickBank Platinum Seller with Years of ClickBank Experience.

Over $630,000 Paid to Affiliates in 2020

The Funnel

Main Offer - John Thornhills Ambassador Program
$497 - You Get Paid 50% on All Sales ($248.50 before ClickBank fees)

Upgrade Offer 1 - Ambassador Elite
$499 Commissions Per Sale (before ClickBank fees) - This is an upgrade to The Ambassador Program that pays more commissions and includes done for you traffic and affiliate recruitment.

Upgrade Offer 2 - John Thornhills Partnership to Success Program
My coaching program sells for $1997 up to $3997 (or 12 x $197 on the recurring plan) and pays out 50% commissions, this is a very high commission rate for a program like this where one on one work with the student is involved.

This gives you potential affiliate earnings of up to $2,746.25 per sale.

Webinar Registration Example
Webinar Replay Example

More About John Thornhill's Ambassador Program:

The main product on offer is John Thornhills Ambassador Program. This enables the client to instantly ‘license’ my products and keep 100% of the sales. However, the client receives a lot more.

John Thornhills Ambassador Program Members Will Receive:

  • Their very own custom built Evergreen Webinar completely set up for them that is ready to generate subscribers and take orders.
  • Their very own custom built affiliate website completely set up that can generate a 50/50 profit share from their affiliates earnings. Yes, they can even recruit affiliates.
  • 365 days worth of ready-made emails that can be plugged into their autoresponder in seconds that has the potential to generate sales on a daily basis.
  • 100% of all the sales of my products and 50% of the sales of carefully selected products that will be promoted in their 365-day email sequence.
  • A 50/50 profit share of the sales of any upgrade offers their affiliates invest in.
  • Advanced traffic training including done for you traffic.
  • Ongoing training.
  • Full support.

More About John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Program:

Once someone joins my Ambassador program they are invited to join my coaching program called Partnership to Success.

My Partnership to Success Program is a PROVEN coaching program that I have been running since 2011 where I personally help my students create and launch their own product. What makes my program different is I promote my students product launches once they have created it, so your customers are guaranteed a 100% success rate if they finish the program. (No BS I have the proof)

I launched my first coaching program in January 2008 and have hundreds of successful students that have generated over 8 figures in combined sales.

Follow The Steps Below to Get paid

Step 1 - Get Whitelisted to Promote 

Only approved affiliates can promote my Ambassador Program. To get your ClickBank ID whitelisted please fill out the form below or contact me and let me know your ClickBank ID. You will be whitelisted as fast as humanly possibly and will receive a confirmation from ClickBank when this happens.

Step 2 - Promote Using The Links Below

To promote you just need your affiliate link that you can grab below, simply replace YOUR-CB-ID with your ClickBank ID. Please Apply For Approval Before Promoting or Your Link Won't Work.

IMPORTANT! Once approved use the links below to create your affiliate link. DO NOT USE the link ClickBank provides or hard coding wont work. Also, do not cloak your link or hard coding may not work.

Super Funnel JV Tools

  • Your Complete Email Sequence

    This webinar campaign is split into 2 stages, pre webinar and replay.

    Your email sequence is below along with recommended times to mail. These emails are tried and tested and if you can commit to the full email sequence you will get amazing results.

    Also, you only have to use one affiliate link for the duration of the whole campaign as we will redirect your links accordingly, so simply queue up your emails and leave the rest to us.



  • Thursday 9th, December 2021
  • 5 pm EST
  • 10 pm GMT

Webinar Starts in

Your Affiliate Link to Use Throughout The Whole Campaign


Phase 1 Pre-Webinar: Tuesday 7th December 2021 - Thursday 9th December 2021

Send on – Tuesday 7th

Subject – WooHoo! It’s John’s Quitiversary.


I’m pretty sure “Quitiversary” isn’t a real word but for my good friend John Thornhill, it’s definitely a real celebration!

That’s because 15 Years ago he told his boss to “take this job and SHOVE It!”

John used to have a very mundane, life-sucking factory job working on the production line at the local Nissan car plant, and 15 years ago he walked out of the factory that to go it alone and run his own online business.

He’d had enough doing what most people thought was normal and he wanted out.

No longer would he be a human robot, getting told when to eat, when to sleep, when to go on vacation, even when to take a s**t. (seriously)

Was it scary? I’m sure it was, He was on his own, No longer had a job to rely on for income, but he had one thing most people don’t have.


John now lives a life where he calls the shots. If he wants to take a day off he can because he is his own boss.

If you’re currently doing a job you hate then there is a way out, TRUST ME. You can do this with the right help.

The internet has provided so many opportunities that anyone with a little bit of ambition and determination can do this. So don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done because John is living proof that it can.

Believe it or not, even though he’s had such spectacular results John is an ordinary guy, he has no special qualifications or abilities.

He was just determined to change his life and he was willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

He’s also gone on to help many others achieve financial freedom by passing on his knowledge.

If you are still struggling to make it online he knows THE ONE BIG THING THAT’S PREVENTING YOU FROM BECOMING SUCCESSFUL, and I’ve finally got him to reveal it to you!

We’re hosting a FREE WEBINAR For our subscribers only and John’s gonna show you exactly how to FIX your online business in under 5 minutes!

Date: Thursday 9th December 2021
Time: 5 pm EST (10 pm UK)

This is brand new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join John, I promise you won’t regret it.

To Your Success,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – Make time for this. Get a baby sitter. Take off from work. Do whatever you have to do just ATTEND THIS WEBINAR[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Send on – Tuesday 7th

Subject – John Knows Why You’re Failing Online.


I know that’s a bold claim, isn’t it? I mean is the dude psychic or something?

How can John Thornhill possibly know why you’re failing online and more importantly. Can he help fix it?

Allow me to explain.

15 years ago, John walked out of the car plant that he had been working in for many years to go it alone and run his own online business.

Over the years he has had thousands of interactions with his students and subscribers.

And time after time there is one big thing that keeps coming up that people aren’t doing and it’s stopping them becoming successful, if you are not doing this ONE THING He guarantees you will not succeed online.

He will reveal what it is and how to ‘fix it’ in under 5 minutes on a brand new LIVE webinar we are doing this week.

This is brand new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join him, I promise you won’t regret it.

Secure your spot while there are still seats remaining.

Date: Thursday 9th December 2021
Time: 5 pm EST (10 pm UK)

To Your Success,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – This is a FREE WEBINAR for our subscribers only and John’s gonna show you exactly how to FIX your online business in under 5 minutes! Don’t miss it.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Send on – Wednesday 8th

Subject – How to generate $28,368 in the next 30 Days


Does that possibility scare you or excite you?

What if I told you it was REALLY possible FOR EVEN YOU to generate $28,368 or more in the next 30 days, even from a standing start?

You’d think I was crazy, wouldn’t you?

Now don’t get me wrong, to make $28,368 or more in the next 30 days would be an exceptional result that would require work, work that most people won’t do as they want money to fall from the sky for doing nothing …

… but IT IS POSSIBLE to generate $28,368 over the next 30 days …

#With no list.
#No Website.
#And no experience.


You should be, and all will be revealed in John’s most groundbreaking presentation ever that he will be holding tomorrow.

This is brand-new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join him, I promise you won’t regret it.

Here are the details you need if you want to find out more.

Date: Thursday 9th December 2021
Time: 5 pm EST (10 pm UK)

To Your Success,[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – This is a FREE WEBINAR for our subscribers only and John’s gonna show you exactly how to FIX your online business in under 5 minutes! Don’t miss it.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Send on – Thursday 9th at 1pm EST

Subject[LIVE] Tonight – The 1.3M ‘Super Funnel’ Revealed…


Are you ready?

The EXCLUSIVE free event for my subscribers ONLY – is happening at 5pm EST tonight…

Among other things, you’ll discover:

1. The affiliate ‘Super Funnel’ that generated John Thornhill $1,362,342 and how you can copy it for yourself even if you’ve never made a dime online.

2. He is also revealing his easy to follow formula for getting $3,136.50 payments over & over again while working no more than 1 hour per day.

3. Finally, he will show you how you can set up this proven system and be ready to get REAL RESULTS in as little as 27 minutes from a standing start.

He will also reveal the One Big Thing you simply must be doing to succeed online…

And he will reveal it within 5 minutes of starting!

He has been doing this full time online for over 15 years and you’ll discover everything he knows about setting up automated ‘money machines’…

You should already have all of the information you need from GoToWebinar, but if you need it again you can register here:[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

I hope to see you live tonight and can’t wait to show you what John has got to share with you. I promise you’ll love it…

Odds are 10:1 you’ll thank me later.

Talk soon,

Sign off


Send on – Thursday 9th at 4:45 PM EST

Subject[STARTING NOW] The room is filling up fast!


Hey [[firstname]],


We’re going LIVE with John Thornhill in just a few minutes and right NOW is the time to get in the room…

Are YOU coming?

You’re about to discover:

1. The exact funnel that made $1.3M and how ANYBODY can replicate it.

2. Johns easy formula for generating $3,136.50 payments over & over again while working no more than 1 hour…

3. How to set it up + get results in 27 mins!

And within 5 minutes of the call starting…

He will also reveal the One Big Thing you must be doing to succeed online.

If you need to register, go ahead and do it at this link (you should already be reg’d):[LINK]

See you soon, don’t miss the first 5 minutes, it’s gonna be BIG…

Sign Off



Phase 2 Webinar Replay: Friday 10th December 2021 - Sunday 12th December 2021

Send on – Friday 16th at 1 pm EST

SubjectEveryone says these things. But are they true?


“The money is in the list.”

“You have to network to get ahead.”

“Paid traffic is better than free traffic.”

You’ve probably heard all of the above and more. Solo ads are dangerous. SEO is dangerous. Never promote this. Never do that…

It’s mostly well-meaning but uninformed nonsense.

While there is some truth to it all… the reality is this:

You MUST have a proven system that works.

There’s no reason to go at it alone or reinvent the wheel, when there are people who have already achieved the same goal as yours, and are teaching exactly what they did to get there.

It’s as simple as researching what works. Modeling it. Tweaking from there.

Unfortunately most people don’t know this.

If you have never read anything else I’ve written, please read and apply this.

John has personally instructed hundreds of people through making their first money online over the past decade, with near ZERO failures because he taught and rigidly enforced every one of these principles…

This is a big part of what I mean when I say to “work smarter not harder.”

If you want to skip the research part and jump right to the part where you literally “clone” the exact super funnel that generates $3,136.50 over & over again while working no more than 1 hour…

Watch the FREE video at the link below and see how he made over $1.3M+ using this exact same ‘super funnel’…[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]





Send on – Friday 17th at 8 pm EST

SubjectWatch this video – 5 minutes in…


Imagine having your own done-for-you funnel…

Not just any funnel, slapped together…

One that has generated over $1.3M.

One that earns $3,136 over and over again…

…One that takes just 27 minutes to set up…

John has made a video for you and within the first 5 minutes
he will explain exactly what, why and how to do it…

And how YOU can replicate exactly what he does.

Starting TODAY.

But we can’t leave the video up for long…

In fact, it’s coming down in just a few days.

Click here to watch it now >>[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]




Send on -Saturday 11th at 4 PM EST

SubjectThe one trick to making money online… 


I’ve had a lot of painful lessons in my
time as a digital entrepreneur…

In fact, one such lesson led John to
waste $24,000 in 2 weeks.


But seriously, making those mistakes allowed
him to figure out what DOESN’T work…

Which led him to what DOES work!

And by the way, John just made a video for you to
check out – which reveals exactly what the
ONE thing is that’s responsible for his success…

The ONE trick that makes him $3,136 over & over…

Watch this FREE video workshop he done before we
take the video down (it comes down soon)…

Click here to watch the replay now >>[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]



Send on – Sunday 12th at 1 pm EST

SubjectLast Few Hours – 1.3M super funnel (video)


This is your last few hour warning to watch the video replay of John Thornhills FREE workshop…

The one where John reveals:

1. The exact funnel that made $1.3M and how ANYBODY can replicate it.

2. His easy formula for generating $3,136.50 payments over & over again while working no more than 1 hour…

3. How to set it up + get results in 27 mins!

And within 5 minutes of the call starting…

He will also reveal the One thing you must be doing to succeed online.

Hurry up and watch the video, though…

It won’t be up for long!

Click here to watch it now.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]


Send on – Sunday 12th at 9 pm EST

Subject –  Final Call For John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program


This will be your final call and last chance to access Johns Ambassador Program.

You literally have just a couple of hours remaining to grab this.

The Ambassador Program was created to help anyone who struggles with product creation and offers the following benefits.

#Your very own custom-built website where you collect the leads.

#The Ability to Generate $3,136.50 in Commissions.

#365 Days Worth of Emails Plugged Into Your Aweber Account.

#100% Commissions on all of my Sales Funnels.

#The Ability to Generate Commissions From Other Marketers Funnels.

#50/50 Split on Profits From Your Affiliates Sales.

#Free Traffic From my Blog and Social Media Networks Plus Email Signatures.

#All The Training You Need to Make This Work.

There is literally nothing online that comes close to what John is offering. You can be up and running in around 30 minutes and in a position to start generating sales and subscribers.

If you miss out then I’m not sure when he will re-open this and if he does I imagine the price could be significantly higher.

So do yourself a favor and check this out while you still have time.

This will be your final call.[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Until next time…[SIGN OFF]

P.S. – Have you been paying attention? There’s a bottleneck at the order button right now. It always happens with a crush campaign.

P.P.S. – If you miss out then you’re up the creek without a paddle… I don’t know if or when he’ll re-open, plus you won’t get the fast mover bonuses and it will definitely cost you more.


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